Episode 40: Social Experiment

Smoking used to be an acceptable personal choice. Now smoking has become mostly shunned and often banned in public. Sometimes behaviors can go from acceptable to unacceptable by societies standards in a matter of years.

We polled our audience and asked what currently acceptable behavior would you like to see become unacceptable in the future?

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We read your answers on the show.

Some more answers came in since recording the show:

“I want disengaged dads to be a thing of the past” - Ryan
“I think it's unacceptable that the internet wants my cookies. They should even stop asking to look at my cookies” - @klev9999
"Asking someone's political opinion. It used to be that you do not ask someone who they voted for. You let people believe what they want, as that is one of the greatest things about this country! It should be that way. We're more divided over politics than we've ever been, and it's beyond ridiculous. If someone wants to express their political thoughts, fine, obviously. But don't force someone to tell you that info, and don't tear them apart for believing different things than you." - @maximum_metabolism

What would your answer be?

Listen to the results of our poll here:

Listen to the results of our poll here:

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