Episode 43: One Year Anniversary Episode

We've officially been on the air for one year!

Coach Mike Ritter and Todd Whelan discuss important conversations and the major epiphany's of the last year AND OUR FAVORITE MOMENTS of show. I hope that someone was touched by some of the amazing conversations and information shared over one years time.

EPISODE 43: One Year Anniversary Show!

We'd like to thank the guests of the past year:

Kyle Dobbs, Rafe Kelley, Jason Seib, Dr. Mike T. Nelson, Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, Dr. Anthony Barduzzi, Marty Kendall, Scott Gass, Ryan McKenzie, Jeff Giosi, Joel Jameison, Jim Laird, Jess Mather, Diana Rodgers R.D., Mike Ash, Ali Gilbert, Dr. Pat Davison, Levi Markwardt, and Evan Jones.

It has been our pleasure speaking with you all. You have alot to offer the world and we consider you each to be extraordinary people and professional.

Listen to the show below

Listen to the MP3 below


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